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Counselling, Coaching And Energy Work To Bring Growth and Healing

Welcome to Avenues of Light, where empathy and authenticity are the hallmarks of my counselling and therapy services.

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Your safety is a top priority for me as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, all services will be held via secure Zoom sessions until further notice. Please note that due to the nature of Reiki and Chakra work services, these will not be offered at this time. However, I still welcome questions about them. I encourage you to stay safe. I look forward to being able to meet with clients in person when restrictions relating to COVID-19 have been lifted.

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The Founder

Who Am I?

I’m Gita Klaus, the founder, owner and sole practitioner at Avenues of Light Counselling Services. In addition to traditional counselling, I offer coaching and energy healing services. By having a range of therapeutic methodologies, I can serve a wide variety of people. I honour the fact that we are all different. We are all on our own unique journey in this life, which means we respond to different methods of treatment. I don’t come at my clients with an agenda to force any particular method onto them: instead, I will meet you where you are and adapt my approach to suit you and what you present.

I aim to create a relaxed atmosphere in which you can feel comfortable just being yourself. I follow an authentic approach that empowers you to discover your own authenticity and the boundless power you have within yourself. My role isn’t to “fix” you but first and foremost, to help you understand that you are not “broken”, that you simply have old pain to unpack and heal. Ultimately, my work is to guide you through the process of learning how to heal yourself.

What I do

What Services Do I Offer?

Different approaches suit different people, and if you’re not sure which method will work for you, we can work together to figure out what resonates the most for you. Oftentimes, it’s a combination of methodologies that will provide the most benefit. I am pleased to offer the following services to my clients:


Whether you are trying to deal with the stressful events life can throw at us, wanting to learn how to communicate in more positive ways, or looking to work through old and unhealed pain that you feel is holding you back from the life you want, we can unpack those things, repack them in a healthier way, and put you on a path to a better life.

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Transformational Coaching

Instead of just giving you external tools such as time management skills and better organizational abilities, I aim to help you explore your beliefs about who you are, teach you how to transform and reframe them if they no longer serve you, and discover what you want to achieve and how.

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Energy Healing Services

Being healthy in a holistic way is the idea of being “whole” in the mind, body and spirit. Our bodies are an energy grid, and the stressors in our lives can cause blockages in that grid that affect our mental, emotional and physical health. Reiki and Chakra healing methodologies allow us to clear those blocks in an energetic way that isn’t accessible to us via talk therapy or the traditional medicine model.

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How it works?

What Is My Approach?

My goal is to help you get to know your innermost self in a way that may have been previously inaccessible to you, so that you can identify, challenge and overcome thought patterns, beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back from living the life that you deserve and that is your birthright. I specialize in the methodologies that, in my experience, have benefited both my own healing and that of my clients: inner child and reparenting work, subpersonality work, and internal family systems.

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Inner Child Work

Inner child and reparenting work is about recognizing and getting to know the “little” version of us that still resides in our subconscious: the part of us that, as a result of childhood experiences that left an indelible mark, never grew up. It’s that part of your personality that still reacts and feels like a child in ways that are detrimental to your life now. Reparenting is a way of learning how to give ourselves what we never got as a child but desperately needed, so we can fill that void ourselves instead of looking to external sources.

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Subpersonality Work

The subpersonality work marries well with the inner child work, because when those indelible marks were left during childhood, subconscious defence mechanisms were born to help protect us against the pain caused by those events. They became personality modes that repeatedly kick in as a response pattern, to allow us to cope with life situations that resemble the original event. They can be survival strategies, attitudes, and emotional residue that become our knee-jerk reactions to our emotional triggers.

Discovering what these archetypes are that live inside us, what their role is, and what they are protecting will help us get greater clarity to the original point of pain. We can then reframe and heal that piece, set boundaries with these subpersonalities, and regain control of our behaviour in order to improve our mental state and relationships.

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Internal Family Systems

Similarly, internal family systems work aims to achieve balance and harmony within the inner world of our different selves, and identify and strengthen our inner adult which is competent, secure, self-assured and relaxed, that should have ultimate leadership of the whole system.

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Complimentary Methodologies

By following this combination of complimentary methodologies, you are empowered to look deep within yourself, and rebuild yourself in a way that reflects who you truly are rather than an adapted self that reflects past hurts and traumas.

I aim to provide this challenging but empowering and cathartic growth process in a safe, nurturing environment, and to guide you with empathy and a genuine desire to help you heal yourself.

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