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Services At Avenues of Light

I recognize and honour that we are all unique human beings on our own distinct journeys. We therefore have our own sets of needs, goals and challenges. The therapeutic methods that work for our friends or co-workers may not be what works for us.

services at avenues of light

At Avenues of Light, the services I offer and the methodologies I use allow me the flexibility to work with you in the way you need. Some people experience the greatest benefit from traditional talk therapy or the guided visualization work included in methodologies like IFS and inner child work; others are drawn to a method of energy healing.  We are multifaceted people and so very often, a combination is what ends up being the most effective. I work with my clients in an intuitive and organic way to figure out what resonates and reflects what they wish to achieve in therapy. My goal is to help my clients unveil their own path to growth and healing, and to walk part of that path with them.

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Counselling Services

Avenues of Light offers a safe, relaxed, non-judgmental space where you can talk freely about anything that is standing between you and your sense of mental and emotional well being, as well as the self-fulfillment that you deserve and is your birthright. You might be coming in with a specific issue that you are trying to overcome, such as a relationship you would like to improve, or the exhaustion of old trauma sabotaging your life. Maybe you simply want to develop the tools and skill sets to become the best version of yourself. Through therapy, you can learn how to recognize and transform the thought patterns and behaviours that are holding you back, and heal the old wounds that are keeping you locked in a self-sabotaging cycle. You can learn how to release the past, and build the confidence and self-love to become your true, authentic self. My purpose as your counsellor is not to give you the answers, but to guide you through the process of discovering those answers for yourself. Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, trying to build a better sense of self-worth, or dealing with emotions that you feel you cannot control, my mission is to help you through the process in a gentle, safe, and authentic manner.

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Coaching Services

My very specific style of coaching is aimed at helping you reframe your mindset and transform your view of yourself and the world around you. The process is to identify your inner narrative, discover how it affects your life, and learn how it may get between you and your desired success. Our mission together is to identify, reframe and transform the part of your inner construct that is self-sabotaging you. You will essentially be learning how to get out of your own way. We do this by looking at previous unmet goals, deconstructing why they were unmet, and zeroing in on the negative mindsets and resulting behavioural patterns that led to you not being able to attain them. We will examine your relationships with failure, success, giving, receiving, and different forms of abundance. We will also be look at finding your strengths – all of the things you excel at – and discovering your styles of learning. Based on all findings, we will create a customized plan of action that reflects your current nature, challenges, skill sets, learning styles and strengths that will propel you forward in your abilities to achieve everything you desire.

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The word Reiki means “mysterious atmosphere, miraculous sign”. It comes from the Japanese words rei which means “higher power” and ki which means “life force energy”. Reiki is a Japanese form of therapeutic energy healing that uses a hands-on technique to target the energy fields around the body. Using the practitioner as a conduit, it transfers universal life force energy into the body in order to invoke whatever healing is needed. The energy that flows through our body can become blocked, leaving us feeling mentally, emotionally, or physically unwell. The goal of Reiki is to restore that life force energy and clear the blockages so we can feel healthy, happy and aligned. Unlike many forms of therapy and healing that only target specific areas of the body or mind, Reiki is holistic. It targets specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems while also treating the person as a whole. Reiki assists the body’s natural ability to heal and release that which no longer serves one’s being. It’s a subtle but powerful form of healing that has many such as balancing the body’s natural energy flow, strengthening the immune system, freeing blocked emotions and energy, helping with pain management by increasing serotonin and endorphin levels, relieving stress, and releasing toxins from the body. It’s truly a beautiful form of healing that I feel honoured and grateful to practice.

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